Service & Repairs

Full Service

● P-Tex (all scratches and grooves)
● Base Grind
● Edges (sharpen & polish)
● Hot Wax

Adult $75
Youth $65

Basic Service

● Base Grind
● Edge Sharpen
● Hot Wax

Adult $55
Youth $45

Edge & Hot Wax

Adult $25
Youth $20

Hand Tuning

Time dependent. Price on request.

Binding check

We will check and adjust your bindings making sure everything is in working order and set with the appropriate DIN setting and forward pressure.

Ski Binding Mount

Upon jig availability.

Replacement parts

Buckle/Strap, Ski Brake, Pole Basket. From $10

Express Services

Liquid Wax

A quick fix when your gear feels sticky or slow and you don't have the time to sit and wait for a hot wax.

Adult $10

Youth $5

Edge Sharpen only

A quick touch up for when your edges aren't quite as sharp as they should be.

Adult $25

Youth $20

P-Tex drip only

When you need that one gouge refilled to
keep your day going.

Adult $20

Youth $20